Berrima District Aero Club

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24 Approach

Mittagong ( Unlicensed) Elevation 1840 ft YMIG

Length 1200 metres
S34 26.9 E150 30.2 VAR 13 Deg E WAC 3456
CTAF 126.7  (mandatory use of radio)10nm radius of Mittagong ALA, SFC - 4000 ft
Note All CCT to NW  ie RWY 06  a Left Hand circuit and RWY 24  a Right Hand circuit as per ERSA 

Gravel & 8m wide sealed Runways 24 / 06
Preferred Runways Take off 06 Landing 24
More details see ERSA entry
ATS Communication Facilities FIA
Melbourne Centre 121.2
Sydney Radar 124.55


Fuel Avgas Available for members
Ultralights Operate to East of Strip
Landing Fee $10.00 payable at club house
Visitors most welcome but please remember PPR  Ph 0414 863 102
More details on General Parking
Passenger Facilities TX 48724800  
Moss Vale AWS Phone (02) 4869 2640

  • Runway 24 Takeoff not recommended below 5kt headwind.
  • Headwind component can be unreliable between 5 - 15 kts
  • Wind Shear area increases with wind speed. Recommended no take off above 80% T/O weight or above 30 C
  • Runway 06 When surface wind below 3-5kts a downwind component of up to 5-7kts can exist above 50ft AGL

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